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About Me

I thought about writing a "professional portrait" of myself, but that doesn't tell the story of who I am as a person and how I became a therapist. In the therapy business, we do think about revealing TMI (too much information) about ourselves. However, I believe that people need to see that their therapist is a real person with their own life struggles. I'm living proof that you can go through some serious life events and come out standing. I like to think of myself as a  phoenix that rises from the flames. As I have grown older and wiser, I've just learned how to avoid the fire better. Of course there are times when you can't control what life sends your way.

I'm not going to tell you that I have experienced everything that you could think of and we all have our own view of reality. What I did learn, by myself, was coping skills that helped me through. I think my suffering would have ended quicker if I would have had a therapist to talk to.  When you're in the storm it's hard, almost impossible to stand. That's my job as a therapist, to be the neutral person who can stand outside of your storm, but have a clear and compassionate view of what's going on inside.

I'm fortunate in that I finally have a job, and it seems more of a calling, that I absolutely love. The biggest reward for me is to watch the positive transformation
in my client's life. It's truly a priviliege to be part of helping a person survive, thrive, and live the life they want and deserve.



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